Instagram Scandals

On a social media application where the sole purpose is to post pictures, you’re bound to run into some trouble. Users will constantly push the boundaries to see just where Instagram draws the line as to what they’re allowed to post. Girls show more and more cleavage in their selfies, boys post wilder and crazier videos of stunts they’ve pulled—the list goes on an and on. If the picture or video is deemed to be a violation of Instagram’s policies, Instagram will remove it.

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One recent issue that came up was when a girl posted a “butt selfie” (a.k.a. a picture of her butt), that Instagram ruled to be inappropriate and removed. The girl claimed that Instagram only removed the picture because she was overweight, and that plenty of skinnier girls had posted similar pictures and gotten away with it. Instagram ended up allowing the picture to stay up and issuing an apology, but this really brings up the question as to why girls feel the need to post pictures like that anyway. And if a social media application determined that your picture was inappropriate, wouldn’t it be better to accept your fate and use better judgment next time, instead of causing a whole scandal over the situation? Buy instagram followers from a reputed seller.

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